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Future Design Contracts

July 26, 2018 Selection Group

July 2018 Project List – Advertisement Date July 30, 2018


Future Design-Build Contracts



Past Consultant Selections

Posting Date Selection Results
03-15-18 January 2018 Selection Results
09-12-17 July 2017 election Results
05-30-17 April 2017 Selection Results
03-13-17 January 2017 Selection Results
09-09-16 July 2016 Programmatic Group
03-14-16 January 2016 Programmatic Group
09-21-15 July 2015 Programmatic Group
03-17-15 January 2015 Programmatic Group
12-08-14 October 2014 R/W Services
09-19-14 July 2014 Programmatic Group
03-17-14 January 2014 Programmatic Group
09-09-13 July 2013 Programmatic Group
07-18-13 DEL-CR124-1.88 Construction Engineering
04-29-13 DEL-CR10-0.90 R/W Services
03-15-12 January 2013 Programmatic Group
09-13-12 July 2012 Programmatic Group
03-05-12 January 2012 Programmatic Group
09-07-11 July 2011 Programmatic Group
03-17-11 DEL-CR124-1.88 R/W Services
02-21-11 January 2011 Programmatic Group
08-23-10 July 2010 Programmatic Group
02-26-10 January 2010 Programmatic Group


Engineering Consultant Contracts

The Design Department manages engineering consultant contracts for the County Engineer. These include contracts for the preliminary engineering, detailed design and right-of-way acquisition for roadway, bridge, and traffic control projects.


Consultant Prequalification

The Delaware County Engineer prequalifies consultants in the same categories of work as the Ohio Department of Transportation, for engineering, environmental and right-of-way services. Firms already prequalified by ODOT for these work categories can be automatically prequalified with the Delaware County Engineer by submitting a copy of your firm’s ODOT prequalification letter along with a copy of your firm’s Statement of Qualifications.

Firms that are not ODOT prequalified and wish to become prequalified with the Delaware County Engineer should contact:

Ryan Mraz, Chief Deputy Design Engineer
phone: 740-833-2400