Project Description:

The Delaware County Engineer’s Office (DCEO) is planning to upgrade the existing intersection of Liberty Road & Salisbury Drive with a modern, single-lane roundabout. The project will include northbound and southbound left turn lanes at the intersection of Liberty Road and Libertydale Drive/St. Joan of Arc driveway. The Project will connect the existing shared-use path on Salisbury Drive to the sidewalks on Libertydale Drive.

The proposed Project improvements to Liberty Road will begin approximately 500 feet south of the intersection with Libertydale Drive to approximately 750 feet north of the intersection of Salisbury Drive. The proposed improvements to Salisbury Drive end approximately 300 feet from the intersection with Liberty Road. The proposed improvements to Libertydale Drive will end approximately 140 feet from the intersection with Liberty Road.


Design and Engineering: 2018 thru 2020.

Construction: Summer/Fall 2021.

Please note the above schedule is approximate and is subject to change as the project progresses. It is anticipated that the intersection of Liberty Road & Salisbury Drive will be closed during the construction period.


The current cost of construction is approximately $1.75 million dollars.


Public Meeting Materials:

#1 Intersection Improvements

#2 Typical Sections 

#3 Public Comment Sheet

#4 Project Fact Sheet


For Questions or Comments:

Please contact Mr. Ryan J. Mraz, Project Manager by email at

or phone  at (740) 833-2425.