This page has been provided to assist consultants and contractors performing work in Delaware County. This information is updated as needed. More design information is available at ODOT Design Reference Resource Center.

General Information

Review Submittal Form/Coversheet (PDF)

(must be submitted with all plan submittals)

Commercial and Industrial Sites Plan Process

Commercial Development Flowchart (PDF)

Common Access Drive (CAD) Subdivisions
Common Questions and Review Timeframes
Ditch Setback Plans Plan Process
Lot Split Submission Process

Lot Split Flowchart (PDF)

Plat Process

Subdivision Plat Flowchart (PDF)

Road Widening Plan Process
Subdivision Plan Process

Subdivision Development Flowchart (PDF)



Plan Review Checklists

CHECKLIST DISCLAIMER: Checklists cannot be written that address every item on a particular project but the following should address most of the common review issues.

CAD Submission Checklist 5/15/2013
Final Engineering Plan Submission Checklist 09/18/2019
Final Plat Submission Checklist 11/09/2018
Preliminary Engineering Plan Submission Checklist

(required on multi-section/phase developments)

Commercial & Industrial Plan Submission Checklist 10/01/2018
Ditch Setback Plan Submission Checklist 3/5/2013
Lot Split Submission Checklist 12/18/2014
Road Widening Plan Submission Checklist  11/09/2018


Additional Information

Plan Notes:  To request Required Plan Notes, email and include “Subdivision Plan Notes Request” or  “Commercial Plan Notes Request” in the email heading. 6/30/2010
Delaware County Unit Costs Spreadsheet (PDF)

Delaware County Unit Cost Spreadsheet (Excel)

Ditch Setback Sample Plan for Lotsplits 8/26/2019
Easement Vacation Process 4/21/2014
Legal Description Example
Proposed Right-of-Way Widths 4/2/2007
Sample Annual DM Estimate 10/23/2014
Sample Decision Sight Distance Exhibit (for left turn lane at crest vertical curve)
Sample Drainage Conveyance Document 10/16/2014
Sample Inspection Fee Estimate 10/30/2014
Sample R/W Conveyance Easement Conveyance Document 12/30/2014
Stopping Sight Distance Example (for use on Lotsplits only)
Table of Pavement Elevations

(For a copy of this as an AutoCAD file, please request the file by calling 740-833-2423)

Traffic Impact Study (TIS) Standards 9/16/2001
Utility Contacts Information

This info is provided as an aid and is a general list of some of the utilities found the County. The Consultant shall verify all utilities.



Sample As-Built Plan Certification Letter
Storm Basin Data Table (PDF)

Storm Basin Data Table (dwg file)


Drainage Maintenance Petitions

Drainage Improvement Petition Procedure

Commercial Site Drainage Maintenance Petition

Multi-Family Site Drainage Maintenance Petition

Subdivision Drainage Maintenance Petition


Thoroughfare Plan

For the Traffic Impact Study Standards which are located in Appendix I of the Standards, click here.

Map #1 12/18/2001
Map #2 12/18/2001
Map #3 12/18/2001
Map #4 12/18/2001