Current Projects

Current and Planned Projects
2023 Road Improvement Program (Resurfacing)
Hyatts Road and S. Section Line Road Intersection (2025-26)
Rome Corners and Dustin Road Intersection (2025-26)
Big Walnut, Tussic and Old 3C Intersections (2025-26)
Home Road Extension East of US 23 (2019-25)
Big Walnut Interchange at I-71 (2027+)
Old Sawmill Road and Presidential Parkway (2023)
US 36/SR 37 and Carter’s Corner Road Intersection (2022-23)
Worthington & Lewis Center Road Intersection (2024)

Completed Projects


2022 Projects
2022 Road Improvement Program (Resurfacing)
Liberty Road & Salisbury Drive (2021-22)
Home Road & SR 745 Intersection Improvements (2021-22)
Home Road from Perry Road to west of US 23 (2021-22)
Worthington & Africa Road Intersection (2020-22)


2021 Projects
2021 Road Improvement Program (Resurfacing)
Orange Road Improvements, Phase 2 (2020-21)
East Powell Road Improvements, Phase 2 (2020-21)
US 23 and Hyatts/Shanahan Road Improvements (2020-21)
Berlin Station Phase 1


2020 Projects
2020 Road Improvement Program (Resurfacing)
Home Road Extension East of US 23, Phase 2&3 (2020)
South Old 3C Highway Improvements (2018-20)
Home Road & SR 315 Intersection Improvements (2020)


2019 Projects
2019 Road Improvement Program (Resurfacing)
Piatt Road Extension (Cheshire to Berlin Station) (2018-19)
Africa and Cheshire Road Improvements (2020)
Lewis Center and North Road Improvements (2019)
SR 3 and South Galena Road Intersection Improvements (2018-19)
South Old State Road Improvements (2017-19)


2018 Projects
2018 Road Improvement Program (Resurfacing)
Bainbridge Mills Relocation at Sawmill Parkway (2018)
Liberty and Jewett Road Intersection (2018)
Worthington & Freeman Road Intersection (2019)


2017 Projects
2017 Road Improvement Program (Resurfacing)
Worthington & Big Walnut Road Intersection (2017)
Lewis Center & Bale Kenyon Intersection Improvements (2017)
East Powell Road Improvements, Phase 1
Sawmill Parkway Extension N. of Hyatts (2016-17)


2016 Projects
Home Road & Steitz Road Intersection Improvements (Liberty Twp)
Orange Road Improvements East of U.S. 23, Phase 1
Panhandle Road over Olentangy River (Delaware Twp)
Worthington Road, Phase 1 (Powell Road to Africa) (Orange Twp)


2015 Projects
Blue Church Road over Little Walnut Creek (Kingston Twp)
Bowtown Road Bridge Rehabilitation (Brown Twp)
Home Road Realignment West of US 23 (Liberty Twp)
Vans Valley Road Bridges (Trenton Twp)


2014 Projects
Burnt Pond Road over Reynolds Run (Delaware/Scioto Twp)
Carriage Road over Lick Run (Liberty Twp)
Genoa Township SRTS Project (Genoa Twp)
Home Road & SR 257 Intersection (Concord Twp)
Harriott & Concord Road Intersection, Phase 2 (Concord Twp)
Hoskins Road over Kebler Run Bridge Replacement (Radnor Twp)
Lewis Center and Africa Road Intersection (Orange Twp)
Section Line Road over Steel Cryder Ditch (Delaware Twp)
Taway Road over Ottawa Creek (Thompson Twp)


2013 Projects
Penry Road Culvert Replacement (Radnor Twp)
Sunbury Road over Big Walnut Creek (Village of Galena)
Troutman Road over Norris Run Bridge Replacement (Troy Twp)


2012 Projects
2012 Road Improvement Program (Countywide)
Brown Road Bridge over Bokes Creek (Scioto Township)
Centerburg Road Bridge over South Fork Culver Creek (Porter Twp)
Cheshire Road and 3 B’s & K Intersection (Berlin/Berkshire Twp)
Claypool Road Bridge Replacement (Oxford Twp)
Condit Road Bridge over South Branch Culver Creek (Porter Twp)
Dustin Road Culvert (east of SR 3) (Berkshire Township)
Home & Concord Road Intersection Improvements (Concord Twp)
Hoskins Road Bridge Replacement (Thompson Twp)
Patrick Road Bridge Replacement (Porter)
Porter Central Road Bridge Replacement (Porter Township)
Plumb Road Bridge Replacement (Berkshire/Genoa Township)
South Old State Road Culvert Replacement (Orange Township)
Trenton Road over Red Bank Run Bridge (Harlem/Trenton Twp)
Wilson Road Culvert Replacement (Kingston Twp)


2011 Projects
South County Line Road Bridge Replacement (Harlem Township)
Sawmill & North Hampton Drive Traffic Signal (Liberty Township)
State Route 3 & Freeman Road Intersection (Genoa Township)
Home Road Grade Separation at CSX Railroad (Liberty Township)
East Orange Road Improvements (Orange Township)
2011 Delaware County Resurfacing Program (Countywide)
Oxbow Road Bridge Replacement (Genoa Township)
Olive Green & Porter Central Road Intersection (Porter Township)


2010 Projects
2010 Road Improvement Program (Countywide)
Liberty Road and Home Road Realignment
Porter Central & Centerburg Intersection
Radnor Road Bridge Replacement
Sawmill Parkway and Attucks Drive Traffic Signal
South Old 3-C Bridge over Hoover Reservoir


2009 Projects
2009 Road Improvement Program
2009 Delaware County ARRA Resurfacing Project
Giehl Road Bridge over Leatherwood Run
Green Cook Road Bridge over Duncan Run
Lewis Center and Old State Intersection
Red Bank Road Bridge over Hoover Reservoir


2008 Projects
2008 Road Improvement Program
Bunty Station Road Reconstruction
Cheshire Road Causeway Repairs
Harlem Road Bridge 17-1.15
Home Road Bridge over North Branch Eversole Run
Lane Road Bridge over South Branch Culver Creek
North Old State Road Bridge Replacement
Patrick Road over Culver Creek Bridge Replacement
River Road over Utz Run Bridge Replacement
Stover Road over Dun’s Run Bridge Replacement


2007 Projects
2007 Road Improvement Program
Center Village Bridge over Duncan Run
Centerburg Road Bridge Replacement
Green Meadows Drive Relocation – DEL-750-5.53
Justamere Road over Culver Creek Bridge Replacement
Larcomb Road over Dun’s Run Bridge Replacement
Miller-Paul Road Bridge Replacement
Ross Road Bridge Replacement
Sunbury Road and Yankee Street Intersection


2006 Projects
2006 Road Improvement Program
Cheshire Road Bridge over Little Walnut Creek
Hartford Road Bridge Replacement
Hyatts Road Bridge Replacement
Radnor & Troy Road Culvert Replacement
Rosecrans Road Bridge Replacement
Stockwell Road Bridge over Big Walnut Creek
Sunbury Road Bridge over Hoover Reservoir
Thomas Road Bridges
Tussic Street Road Improvements


2005 Projects
Cook Road Bridge over Eversole Run
Dent Road Bridges
Hoskins Road Bridge over Scioto River