Project Information Materials:

Project Information Sheet

Project Map

Typical Roadway Sections

Comment Sheet

Project Description

The Delaware County Engineer’s Office in cooperation with Liberty Township, the Ohio Department of Transportation and the City of Powell plan to convert the intersection of Old Sawmill Road and Presidential Parkway to a modern single-lane roundabout.  Presidential Parkway will be resurfaced and restriped on the west leg of the intersection back to Sawmill Parkway.

Project Need:

The intersection of Old Sawmill Road and Presidential Parkway has experienced a large number of crashes with injuries, and a safety study was performed to determine the recommended alternative to reduce crash frequency and severity.

Four long-term alternatives were considered, including the no-build (“do nothing”) scenario, all-way stop control, a traffic signal, and a roundabout. The single-lane roundabout was identified as the recommended long-term countermeasure as it was the most economical solution with the most safety benefit. The signal and stop control options did not score as well and therefore were not considered further.

The roundabout is expected to reduce speed near the intersection, reduce the number of annual crashes, and reduce the severity of those crashes. This project would not only improve the intersection’s safety performance, but it would improve the Sawmill Road corridor’s overall operational efficiency as well.

Project Limits:

The proposed improvements on Presidential Parkway will begin at Sawmill Parkway and end approximately 225 feet east of the intersection.  The Proposed improvements on Old Sawmill Road will begin approximately 415 feet south of the intersection and end approximately 350 feet north of the intersection.

Project Details:

  • Convert the Intersection of Presidential Parkway and Old Sawmill Road to a single-lane roundabout
  • Resurface and restripe Presidential Parkway between Sawmill Parkway and the proposed intersection improvements
  • Install new storm sewer that matches the existing drainage pattern
  • Install lighting at the intersection
  • Extend Shared-Use Path on the west leg of Presidential Parkway to the intersection

Proposed Project Schedule & Potential Closures

  • Design Engineering: July 2020 to November 2021
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition: January 2022 to September 2022
  • Construction: Summer 2023

Estimated Project Cost

The current cost of construction is an estimated $1.11 million.  Funding is through the ODOT Highway Safety Program, Liberty Township and the City of Powell.