County and Township Road Closures- See the Current Projects brochure for long term improvements

Highfield Drive & Green Meadows Old Green Meadows Cranes Xing 4/20/20 6/16/20
Hyatts & Steitz Road Intersection Entire intersection 4/6/20 7/2/20
S. Old 3C Hwy. (northbound) Henschen Circle Freeman Road 4/9/20 8/14/20
Home Road SR 315 Perry Road 5/4/20 8/31/20
Home Road US 23 (remains OPEN) Home Road 5/11/20 6/3/20
Freeman Road S. Old 3C Laird Lane 5/26/20 6/8/20
CSX Columbus Line RR crossings- south to north Shanahan,Berlin Station,County Home,Leonardsburg,Maloney,Shoemaker Steamtown ~6/9/20 2-3 days each, one week for County Home
Africa Road Lewis Center Road Plumb Road 6/5/20 6/7/20
Shanahan Road US RT 23 Mercier Street 6/8/20 7/10/20
Hoskins Road SR257 Mooney Road 6/9/20 6/11/20



Road closures within municipal corporation limits are under the direction of the city or village. Please visit the following links for more information or who to contact about road closures in these cities and villages: