County and Township Road Closures:

Click: PERMANENT CLOSURE of the westerly connection of Gregory Road to Cheshire Road – June 2022 to August 2022

Tullamore Drive between Home Road and Limerick Lane for road improvements beginning in June for 60 days

 Carter’s Corner Road between Rosecrans Road and SR37 East for a culvert replacement 7/5/22 to 7/12/22

Berlin Station & Piatt intersection between Gregory Road and Dale Ford Road for a peanut roundabout installation 7/5/22 to 8/26/22

Fulton Creek Road between Mooney Road and SR 257 for bridge repairs 7/11/22 to 7/22/22


See the 2022 Road Construction Guide  for long term project details.

 Road closures within municipal corporation limits are under the direction of the city or village. Please visit the following links for more information or who to contact about road closures in these cities and villages: Sometimes it is necessary to restrict or close parts of the roadway system to complete required improvements and safety is always the priority. We notify the local authorities and the press typically one week prior to closure and all work is weather permitting. In addition to posting our permitted closures here, we also give updates on our  News Release page, Facebook and Twitter, in an effort to  make traveling through our county trouble-free.