The County Engineer’s administrative staff includes the Chief Deputy Engineer, Information Systems staff, Safety Officer, Accounting staff and administrative assistants. The Administration manages the operation of the office and oversees the duties performed by the other departments.

Construction Department

The construction department staff performs construction management and inspection of county construction projects of roads, bridges and sewers on capital improvements projects. The department also performs inspection of privately funded subdivision and commercial projects.

Design Department

The design department plans, programs, budgets, designs and manages publicly funded projects. The department’s staff of seven includes professional engineers, graduate engineers, surveyors and technicians. The group members assist with the inventory, and inspection of the county’s bridges as well as traffic related duties such as speed limit studies and traffic signal warrants. They work closely with the Development Review staff for coordination of public and privately funded projects as well as the Inspection staff in the supervision of roadway construction projects. The design department also works with other agencies such as the Ohio Department of Transportation to deliver roadway projects that improve safety and mobility for citizens of Delaware County.

Development Review

The development review department’s staff of three professional engineers and technicians review plans for proposed residential, commercial and industrial developments in unincorporated areas of Delaware County. The purpose of this review is to ensure that new developments meet all necessary requirements to ensure the public’s safety and welfare, such as roadway, storm sewer and traffic control design.

Operations Division

The operations division (also known as the Highway Department) is the largest section of the Engineer’s Office and employs a number of crews consisting of operating engineers, skilled laborers, drivers and mechanics. The Highway Department maintains county highways by repairing or resurfacing pavements and berms, mowing roadsides, installing traffic signs, maintaining traffic signals, and constructing culverts and small bridges. In winter months, the snow fighters plow and salt roads to keep traffic moving safely.

Map Department

The map department has a number of responsibilities relating to the County Engineer’s mapping and surveying duties. The department’s staff of four maintains the official county tax maps in cooperation with the County Auditor’s Delaware Area Land Information System (DALIS) staff. The map department also reviews all surveys and legal descriptions for property transfers in Delaware County to ensure that they meet legal requirements. The staff also serves customers who need specific mapping information for areas of the county by providing detailed maps upon request.

Permit Department

The permit and utility coordination staff oversees work within the right-of-way by public utilities and property owners. This ensures that all utility work, including relocation of overhead and buried electric, phone, cable, water and gas lines does not interfere with the safety and operation of the county road. Also, any work done by a resident to the front of their property (inside the road right-of-way), including construction of new driveways, installation of drainage pipes, regrading ditches or installing obstructions that would otherwise affect the operation or safety of the road must be reviewed by the permit department.

Stormwater Department

The stormwater staff is responsible for administration of the Phase II National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Storm Water Program. The staff inspects the drainage and erosion control on construction projects in Delaware County to ensure that surface waters are not contaminated by sediment and runoff from construction sites. The drainage administrator coordinates waterway and stormwater permits for the construction activity done by other sections of the office, and also works closely with the Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District on drainage projects such as ditch and farm tile construction.

Staff Directory


Email Phone
Chris Bauserman, PE, PS, County Engineer 740.833.2400
Robert Riley, PE, PS, Chief Deputy Engineer 740.833.2431
Lee R. Bodnar, Administrator 740-833-2432
Brian Dilley, Deputy Construction Engineer 740.833.2430
Dan Jennings, Chief Inspector 740.833.2441
Ryan Mraz, Deputy Design Engineer 740.833.2425
Doug Riedel, PE, Senior Engineer/ Township Liaison 740.833.2448
William Ferguson, PE, Deputy Development Engineer 740.833.2437
Map Department
William Stillions, PE, PS, Department Manager 740.833.2450
Mike Love, PE, Chief Deputy of Operations 740.833.2428
Joe Warner, Utility and Permit Coordinator 740.833.2433
Brett Bergefurd, Deputy Drainage Engineer 740.833.2426



The operations division (also known as the Highway Department) employs several crews consisting of operating engineers, skilled laborers, drivers and mechanics.  The Highway Department maintains county highways by repairing and resurfacing pavements and berms, mowing roadsides, removing debris, installing traffic signs,  and constructing culverts and small bridges.  In winter months, the snow fighters plow and salt roads to keep traffic moving safely.

Traffic Crew: The traffic crew maintains an inventory of over 7000 road signs, 30 traffic signals, over 300 street lights and other traffic safety devices on county roads.

Bridge Crew: The bridge crew maintains an inventory of nearly 380 bridges by washing, clearing debris and patching bridge decks and railing when needed.  The crew also builds several new short-span bridges each year including box culverts and large pipe culverts – replacing old, deteriorated bridges.

Drainage Crew: The county drainage crew maintains the ditches and waterways under and along county roads.  Delaware County has an inventory of over 1000 culverts and the Drainage Crew crew replaces and repairs dozens each year to stay ahead of normal life cycle deterioration.  The crew also cleans roadside ditches and storm sewers to keep them draining freely.

Maintenance Crew: The Maintenance Department is responsible for repairs and up-keep of 200 county vehicles and pieces of equipment, in addition to the County Engineer’s Office, the Highway Department garage and county salt sheds.  Auto technicians perform work on county equipment and vehicles including preventive maintenance and repairs, and major overhauls such as engine and driveline rebuilds to extend the lifespan of the county’s fleet of vehicles and equipment. Building maintenance technicians handle maintenance and repair of the County Engineer’s Office and salt sheds and maintain the heating and cooling systems, electrical wiring, carpentry, plumbing and roofing.

Roadside Crew: The roadside crew keeps roads clear of animals and debris and mows and maintains vegetation along county roads. The crew also helps with other road work as needed.

Surface Crew: The surface crew maintains the pavement on over 340 miles of county highways.  Each summer, crews perform patching and seal coating to select roads based on a yearly inspection of pavement condition.  The crew maintains and restores berms and repairs pavement when needed.

Winter Operations: One of the most important responsibilities of the Highway Department is to keep the roads clear in the winter by plowing and salting 340 miles of icy roads.  All Highway Department crews are on-call 24/7 during winter months and are ready to work when needed to ensure that roads remain open and safe for travel.