Project Description

Reconstruction of the intersection of Home Road and Dublin Road (SR 745) with a single-lane modern roundabout.  The need for improvements has been identified due to traffic delays and lack of safe path crossings.

Design Information

Design plans prepared by Gannett Fleming Engineers and Architects of Columbus, Ohio

Project Schedule

Design engineering: 2017-19

Right-of-way acquisition: 2019-20

Utility relocation: 2020-21

Construction: 2021-22

Engineering Information

Construction and right of way plans were prepared by American Structurepoint, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio.

Construction Information

Construction contract will be bid.

Estimated Project Cost

The estimated construction cost is $1.6 million.

Questions or Comments?

Your comments or suggestions are important and the Delaware County Engineer’s Office would like to hear from you about the project. Please contact Ryan Mraz, Chief Deputy Design Engineer at 740-833-2400 or send your questions or comments to