New concrete pavement (looking west toward SR 315)

Project Description

Reconstruction of the pavement on Bunty Station Road including pavement overlay between South Section Line Road and Owen-Fraley Road, base reclamation and new asphalt pavement between Owen Fraley and the CSX railroad, and construction of new concrete pavement for a length of 800 feet between the CSX railroad and Liberty Road, and for a length of 1,000 feet west of SR 315.


Project Location and Limits:
South Section Line Road to Olentangy River Road (SR 315). Total project length is about 3.5 miles.


Road Closure Information

Phased road closures. Local resident traffic maintained.


Project Schedule

Design engineering: 2007-08

Right-of-way acquisition: N/A

Utility relocation: N/A

Construction: August to September 2008


Engineering Information

Construction documents prepared by the Delaware County Engineer’s Design Department.


Construction Information

Construction contract awarded to Shelly & Sands Construction of Columbus, Ohio

  • Total contract amount $1,425,041.58


Estimated Project Cost

$1.4 million