Project Description

Resurfacing, base reconstruction, pavement sealing, microsurfacing and other improvements on various county and township roads, including the following work:

County work:

  • 6.74 miles of asphalt paving (14,711 tons)
  • 0.72 miles of full depth reclamation (9,289 SY)
  • 28.05 miles of microsurfacing (332,415 SY)
  • 420,158 SY of chip sealing
  • 107,242 SY of rejuvenation application
  • 38,526 SY of fiberized stress absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI)
  • 82,477 lb. of crack sealing
  • 99 miles of pavement marking on various roads
  • There are also contingency quantities included for additional pavement repairs, additional striping (temporary and permanent) and additional crack sealing

 Township work – Improvements to 20.71 miles of Township roadway including the following:

  • 22,000 tons of asphalt paving
  • 16,600 SY of microsurfacing
  • 216,400 SY of chip sealing
  • 90,200 SY of pavement planing
  • 99,300 SY of fiberized SAMI.
  • 648 CY of pavement repair on various roads
  • 29 miles of pavement marking on various roads


Road Closure Information

Traffic to be maintained on each road that will be under construction, using flaggers and 1-lane, 2-way operation.


Project Schedule

Design engineering: Fall 2006 to spring 2007

Right-of-way acquisition: None

Utility relocation: None

Construction: May to September 2007


Engineering Information

Construction documents prepared by the Delaware County Engineer’s Design Department.


Construction Information

Contract awarded to Kokosing Construction Company

  • Total contract amount $4,261,306.17
  • County share $2,305,872.75
  • Township share $1,955,433.42


Estimated Project Cost

$4.3 million (County and Township)