Project Description

Safety and traffic flow improvements to the intersection of Lewis Center/Worthington Road and Lewis Center/Rome Corners Road. The alternatives being considered include a traffic signal with turn lanes, modern roundabout, or a peanut roundabout.


Project Location and Limits:
Extending approximately 1/4 mile in each direction of the intersections.


Public Input / Meeting

This project is a revisit of the same project that was studied in 2014-2015.  As a result of the public meeting held in 2015 and the comments and feedback received from that meeting, this office decided to delay and revisit the need and design of our plans at that time.  After continued growth and traffic increase within this area, planning again became necessary to begin design of future improvements at this location.

A safety study conducted in 2020 reveled that as growth in the area continues as expected, a level of service of F is expected by the year 2033 if nothing is improved. A modern roundabout or peanut version roundabout would be the likely preferred alternative increasing traffic flow, reducing crashes and limiting the overall right of way impact to the adjacent properties.

As a result of this study, this office is undertaking a new plan to implement these improvements in the coming years.


Road Closure Information

To be determined.


Tentative Project Schedule

Design engineering: 2021-2022

Right-of-way acquisition: 2022-2023

Utility relocation: 2023

Construction: 2024


Engineering Information

Construction documents prepared by Stantec of Columbus, Ohio.


Construction Information

Construction contract to be competitively bid.


Estimated Project Cost

$1.5 million