Project Description:

The Delaware County Engineer’s Office (DCEO) will construct a new single-lane modern roundabout at the
intersection of Hyatts Road and Section Line Road.

Why Are You Doing this Project?

The area near this intersection is experiencing rapid growth. Hundreds of new homes have been approved for construction
over the next several years along Sawmill Parkway, Hyatts and Steitz Roads generating thousands of new daily trips. Projections
show much of this new traffic will travel through the Hyatts and Section Line intersection. The planned roundabout
will improve safety and traffic flow at the intersection.

Why Are You Building A Roundabout Instead of a Traffic Light?

Single-lane roundabouts have been shown to be safer than traditional intersections. Compared to stop-controlled or
traffic signal intersections, roundabouts reduce both the number and severity of crashes. Power outages don’t affect
roundabouts and motorists don’t experience any delay at a roundabout when traffic is light. The roundabout is a
good fit for the current and projected traffic on Hyatts and Section Line Roads and will keep traffic moving, while
providing some traffic calming benefits for traffic on Section Line Road.

Will This Roundabout Be Like the One at Home Road and Section Line? 

No. The roundabout at Home Road and Section Line is a two-lane roundabout. The projected traffic at Hyatts and
Section Line Road will be much less than at Home Road, meaning a single-lane roundabout will be sufficient for
anticipated growth over the next 20 years or more.

Will it Have Street Lights?

The proposed roundabout at Hyatts and Section Line will look similar to the single-lane roundabout at Hyatts and
Steitz Road which was built several years ago and has functioned safely and effectively since then. It will have the
same type of street lights.

Will the Project Affect My Drainage or My Septic System?

Some of the existing roadside ditch areas will be piped with new storm sewers to prevent standing water and make
it easier to mow and maintain the grass near the roundabout. Any yard drain outlets within the project limits will be
connected into the storm sewers as needed. No onsite sewer/septic systems will be disturbed with this project.

Proposed Project Schedule & Potential Closures:

Design and Engineering:         2022 to 2024
Right-of-Way Acquisition:       2024 to 2025
Utility Relocations:                   2025 to 2026
Construction:                            Summer 2026

The intersection is expected to close for about 2 months to construct the roundabout, but access will be maintained
to all properties within the work zone. Public notification of closures will be given through the DCEO.

Estimated Project Cost:

The current cost of construction is approximately $1.6 million dollars. Funding is through the DCEO.

Public Involvement Materials:

For Questions or Comments:

Please contact Tiffany Jenkins, P.E., Project Manager by email at

or phone  at (740) 833-2406.