Project Description

The purpose of the project is to improve traffic flow and pedestrian and bicycle mobility at the intersection of State Route 315 and Home Road.

Proposed Work:

The project will include widening of Home Road and the bridge over the Olentangy River to provide 2 through lanes and left turn lanes on Home Road at the intersection with SR 315. Widening of SR 315 will not be done as part of this project but is being considered as a later phase to this improvement.

Alternatives Considered:

Early in the project planning, the Delaware County Engineer considered various design alternatives to meet the purpose and need of the project.

1. Add left turn lanes on Home Road

2. Add left turn lanes on Home Road and SR 315

3. Add additional thru lane and left turn lane on Home Road

4. Two-lane modern roundabout

Adding only a left turn lane without additional through lanes at the intersection was not a long term solution to the current traffic congestion and was dismissed as not being a feasible way to meet minimum desired levels of service for traffic operation.

For the roundabout alternative, the right of way constraints at the intersection with the proximity of the river and cementary do not allow room for a roundabout and it was also dismissed as not being a feasible.

This left the two-lane widening of Home Road with left turn lane as the only conceptual alternative that met the needs of the area and was selected as the preferred alternative.

Preferred Alternative Exhibit


Project Schedule

Preliminary Design: 2012-13

Final Engineering: 2014-16

Right of Way Acquisition: 2016-17

Utility Relocation: November 2018 to May 2019

Construction: January 2019 to August 2019


Questions or Comments

Please address comments to:

Ryan Mraz
Deputy Design Engineer
Delaware County Engineer’s Office
50 Channing St.
Delaware, OH 43015