Project Information Materials:

Project Fact Sheet

Project Map

Typical Roadway Sections


Project Description

The Delaware County Engineer’s Office in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation is planning to improve the existing intersection of U.S. 36/S.R. 37 and Domigan Road/Carter’s Corner Road.  The project will reconstruct the roadways, add left-turn lanes on all four approaches and prepare the intersection for the installation of a future traffic signal.

Project Need:

U.S. 36/S.R. 37 is a heavily traveled east/west corridor and traffic projections show increased volumes in the future.  The intersection at Domigan Road/Carter’s Corner Road currently experiences multiple crashes each year primarily due to left turning vehicles.  The proposed additionsl of left-turn lanes at the intersection will improve public safety and help reduce congestion in the area.

Project Limits:

The proposed improvements to U.S. 36/S.R. 37 will begin approximately 750 feet west and end approximately 750 feet east of the intersection.  The proposed improvements on Domigan Road/Carter’s Corner Road will begin approximately 690 feet south and end approximately 670 feet north of the intersection.

Project Details:

  • Reconstruct the intersection of U.S. 36/S.R. 37 and Domigan Road/Carter’s Corner Road
  • Provide left-turn lanes on all four approaches to the intersection
  • Install underground infrastructure for a future traffic signal at the intersection

Proposed Project Schedule & Potential Closures

  • Design Engineering:  June 2020 to December 2021
  • Right of Way Acqusition:  July 2021 to May 2022
  • Construction:  Spring/Summer 2023

It is anticipated that Domigan Road and Carter’s Corner Road will be closed for some period while U.S. 36/S.R. 37 will remain open.  Two-way traffic will be maintained on one lane utilizing a temporary traffic signal.  Please note that the above dates are approximate and are subject to changes as the project progresses.  Public notification of closures will be given through DCEO.

Estimated Project Cost

The current cost of constructoin is approximately $1.70 million dollars.  Funding is through Delaware County and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Please contact Ryan J. Mraz, DCEO Project Manager, at with any questions or comments.