Project Description

The project will add turn lanes on Hyatts Road and on Shanahan Road approaching US 23, and will widen Hyatts Road to a 3-lane section with a center turn lane for about 1/4 mile west of US 23.

Project Schedule

Engineering: 2014-17
Right of Way Purchase: 2018
Utility Relocation: 2019-20
Construction: 2020

Maintenance of Traffic Plan

The project will require closures of Shanahan and Hyatts Road to construct the widening of each approach.  Shanahan Road is expected to close in June 2020 for approximately 45 days.  Hyatts Road will close in July 2020 for approximately 75 days.  Construction schedules are subject to change due to coordination with other, nearby projects and also subject to weather delays.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments please contact Ryan Mraz, Chief Deputy Design Engineer at or by phone at 740-833-2400.