Study Area

The study area is 1.08 miles along Home Road from Perry Road (Olentangy River) to 0.25 miles west of U.S. 23 located in Liberty and Orange Townships in Southern Delaware County, Ohio. This area of Home Road is residential and includes 30 driveways throughout.

Public Meeting Materials:
Information and project exhibits from the public meeting held Thursday, November 6, 2014 are available below.


Purpose & Need

The purpose of the project is to provide better connectivity between U.S. 23 and S.R. 315 along Home Road. The solution for this project needs to provide for shorter term needs as well as provide for longer term demands. It must address the following:

  • Improve capacity and levels of service on the roadway network throughout the study area.
  • Provide for the safe and efficient flow of local and regional traffic on the roadway network in the study area.
  • Enhance safety of vehicles and pedestrians in the study area.
  • Be consistent with existing transportation and land use plans in the study area.

Improvements are needed in this area due to the projected traffic and the improvements of the S.R. 315 and U.S. 23 intersections with Home Road. This section of Home Road currently has an acceptable level of service (40-45 mph average travel speed during the peak hours). The proposed three-lane alternative with a center turn lane would handle the projected traffic and maintain an acceptable level of service for
the next 10 years.



Building the proposed 3-lane alternative provides short term benefits for Home Road for the next ten years. By adding a center turn lane, traffic is allowed to flow more freely and it will minimize rear end crashes from left turns into the existing driveways as traffic increases in the area. Pedestrian safety is also improved by widening the roadway to 12 foot lanes and 2 foot shoulders which allows for more
room for bicycles until a shared-use path is built.

Next, widening the existing two lane roadway will allow for the construction of Home Road to be completed quicker and the existing pavement can be re-used for most of the project. Drainage will be improved by designing better ditches and replacing existing pipes. Finally, property impacts will be minimized due to the narrow footprint of the three lane option.


Questions or Comments

Please address comments to:

Doug Riedel P.E.
Delaware County Engineer’s Office
50 Channing St.
Delaware, OH 43015