Construction Schedule Updates

The following schedules are subject to changes due to weather and other factors.

August 19-September 3

August 1-17

July 15-27

July 1-12

June 17-28

Project Description

The 2019 Road Improvement Program will be underway from May to October 2019 and includes paving, sealing and various resurfacing and pavement maintenance projects throughout Delaware County.

For more information, please download our 2019 Paving Guide.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact project manager John Huffman at 740-833-2400 or by email at

Glossary of Terms:

Pavement Planing: Grinding or milling of asphalt surfaces to remove existing asphalt surface in preparation for a new asphalt (blacktop) surface.

Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer (SAMI): A polymer modified liquid asphalt product applied to an existing surface to control cracking before an asphalt overlay.

Pavement Repair: Spot removal and replacement of damaged pavement.

Paving: Generally an asphalt (blacktop) overlay.

Chip and Seal: A layer of stone aggregate (chips) over a coat of liquid asphalt emulsion tar (seal). Done as an intermediate step before an asphalt overlay in order to seal cracks in existing pavement before the overlay, or as a final surface course.

Microsurfacing: A mixture of asphalt and other mineral fillers that is applied in liquid form to existing pavement surfaces. Seals cracks and provides a hard surface. Requires closure of the road for approximately 2 hour.

Full Depth Reclamation: Reconstruction of a road base by pulverization and stabilization, followed by a new asphalt and/or chip seal surface. Requires closure of the road to through traffic for 7-10 days with local traffic maintained.

Slurry Seal: Similar to microsurfacing but with a different combination of liquid asphalt and mineral fillers. Generally used for low traffic streets. Requires closure of the street for approximately 4 hours.

Asphalt Rejuvenation Agent: Applying an oil based liquid to an existing road to replenish components of asphalt to help extend the life of the pavement.

Project Description

Resurfacing and preventive pavement maintenance on various county and township roads.


Road Closure Information

Traffic to be maintained in the work zones using flaggers. Brief closures may also be required.


Project Schedule

Construction: May to September 2019


Engineering Information

Documents prepared by the Delaware County Engineer’s Office


Construction Information

Contract awarded to Shelly Company


Estimated Project Cost

Total project cost = $7.9 million (includes all county and township work)