The Delaware County Board of Commissioners has contracted with the Delaware County Transportation Improvement District to complete a 0.8 mile section of new 4-lane roadway extending east from US 23 at Home Road through the proposed Slate Ridge development, which includes a variety of commercial, residential and wellness facilities such as the Mt. Carmel Lewis Center Health and Fitness Center.  The project is being financed through a combination of Delaware County road and bridge funds, develeloper cash contributions, a tax increment financing and a special assessment on certain parcels within the development.

Project Summary:

Extension of Home Road east of US 23, terminating at Lewis Center Road about 500 feet east of Third Street in the unincorporated village of Lewis Center.  The project is being undertaken in 4 phases.

Phase 1 (completed 2015):  Realignment of approximately 1/4 mile of Home Road south at US 23 by 400 feet, including adding turn lanes and through lanes for the future extension east of US 23.

Phase 2 & 3 (2019-20): Construction of 0.8 miles of new 4-lane roadway from US 23, running east to an extension of Green Meadows Drive. Total estimated cost $10 million

Phase 4 (2024-25): Construction of new roadway including a railroad bridge over the CSX and Norfolk Southern Railroads, terminating at Lewis Center Road. Total estimated cost $15 million.

Overall Plan: