What are the fees from the Permit Department and Storm Water Department?

Plans, Plat, or Lot Split Submittal Review – When plans, plats, or lot splits are submitted to the County Engineer, a fee is charged to review the plans to make sure the they have been prepared in accordance with County Engineer’s Design Standards.  The review fee is separate from inspection fees such as for work within the Right-of-Way or storm water permit fees.

Work within the Public Right-of-Way – On smaller projects, if the plans include work within the Public Right-of-Way such as addition of a driveway or construction of utilities within the Right-of-Way, a separate fee is required by the Permit Department for inspecting the completed work in the field.  This fee is determined by the Permit Department after the plans are submitted for review.  For larger projects such as subdivisions, the inspection fees are handled through the County Engineer’s Inspection Department for inspection during the project with the fees addressed through an Owner’s Agreement.  These fees are determined after the plans have been submitted.

Review and Inspection of Storm Water Management Measures – The Storm Water Regulation Department is responsible for administration of the Phase II National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Storm Water Program.  The Department charges a separate fee for coordinating waterway and storm water permits and inspecting construction for compliance.  Contact the Storm Water Regulation Department at 740-833-2426 regarding their plan and application submittal requirements for storm water permits.  (Note that in the case of Lot Splits, DESC (Storm Water) Permits are not required until the building permit is applied for through the Building Department).

In cases where offsite storm water flows across a property or development, a drainage maintenance fee may be required by the Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District for maintaining the offsite drainage system.

Other agencies may also have fees.  See below for how to contact other agencies.

What other agencies may be involved?

Other agencies or authorities may be involved in plans review besides the County Engineer depending on what the project involves.  These may include the County Sanitary Engineer, Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District, Del-Co Water, and the local Fire Departments.

For platting and/or subdividing, other agencies or authorities involved include Township Zoning, Delaware General Health District (if a household sewer system will be involved), County Sanitary Engineer, Del-Co Water, and the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission.

What is the timeframe for plan review and when can I start construction?

Review of the plans by the Development Review Department is just one part of the overall building approval process.  The entire process includes submittals and/or applications to the other agencies and authorities above so several factors affect when actual construction can begin.

To get an idea of the overall timeframe involved in doing Lot Splits, the County Engineer’s Office has developed a Lot Split Flowchart which may be helpful to understand some of the overall processes involved that affect when construction can begin.

For initial plan review times for the County Engineer’s Development Review Department, the times are as follows.  Note that plan review comments then issued as part of the plan review may require revision of the plans by the Developer’s Engineer.  These revisions then need to be resubmitted for review.  The revision review time is typically shorter than the first review but is also dependent on existing workload at the time of the resubmittal.


Development Review Department Review Timeframes (maximum review times):


Submittal Type Review Time
Lot-Splits 2 weeks
Common Access Driveways (CADs) 28 days
     Preliminary Engineering Plans 28 days
     Final Engineering Plans 28 days
Commercial Developments 28 days
Road Widening 28 days
Ditch Setbacks 2 weeks
Preliminary Plat 28 days (submit concurrent with preliminary plan)
Final Plat 2 weeks before desired County Engineer approval (4 weeks recommended in case changes are necessary)


Note that the Design Standards will be revised in the near future so plan review times will be changing according to the new Design Standards soon to be published!


Sites on/or with access to State Routes or Highways:

What is required if the site is located on a State Route or Highway?


All work involving access from a state route or highway must be reviewed by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).  This applies to all sites including Common Access Drives, Lot Splits, Commercial Sites and Subdivisions.  Contact  the ODOT District 6 Permits Department at 740-363-1251 or 800-372-7714, ext. 244.

CAD requirements are addressed in the Subdivision Regulations of Delaware County, Ohio.  The Developer’s Professional Engineer is charged with reviewing the CAD construction and certifying that the design and construction complies with CAD Standards and Requirements.   The Delaware County Regional Planning Commission (DCRPC) reviews the certification prior to the DCRPC Director signing the plat.

The County Engineer is responsible for approval of all design and construction activities within county or township road right-of-way as well as approval of the 100-year flood storm water management practices.  Per Section 305.01 the Subdivision Regulations regarding Access Management, the County Engineer may regulate access of CADs directly onto public arterial roads.  ODOT may regulate access onto State Roads.

CAD Standards are addressed in Section 306.05 of the Subdivision Regulations while additional or more restrictive standards may be required by the County Engineer for the promotion and protection of public health, safety, and welfare.