Project Description

Resurfacing and preventive pavement maintenance on various county and township roads.


Glossary of Terms:

Pavement Planing: Grinding or milling of asphalt surfaces to remove existing asphalt surface in preparation for a new asphalt (blacktop) surface.

Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer (SAMI): A polymer modified liquid asphalt product applied to an existing surface to control cracking before an asphalt overlay.

Pavement Repair: Spot removal and replacement of damaged pavement.

Paving: Generally an asphalt (blacktop) overlay.

Chip and Seal: A layer of stone aggregate (chips) over a coat of liquid asphalt emulsion tar (seal). Done as an intermediate step before an asphalt overlay in order to seal cracks in existing pavement before the overlay, or as a final surface course.

Microsurfacing: A mixture of asphalt and other mineral fillers that is applied in liquid form to existing pavement surfaces. Seals cracks and provides a hard surface. Requires closure of the road for approximately 2 hour.

Full Depth Reclamation: Reconstruction of a road base by pulverization and stabilization, followed by a new asphalt and/or chip seal surface. Requires closure of the road to through traffic for 7-10 days with local traffic maintained.

Slurry Seal: Similar to microsurfacing but with a different combination of liquid asphalt and mineral fillers. Generally used for low traffic streets. Requires closure of the street for approximately 4 hours.


Current Two-Week Construction Schedule


Road Closure Information

Traffic to be maintained in the work zones using flaggers. Brief closures may also be required.


Project Schedule

Construction: June to September 2016


Engineering Information

Documents prepared by the Delaware County Engineer’s Office


Construction Information

Contract awarded to Shelly Company


Estimated Project Cost

Total project cost = $7.4 million (includes all county and township work)