Project Description

Replacement of a narrow corrugated metal twin pipe culvert bridge near the intersection of Radnor Road. Improvement includes replacing the deteriorated pipes with reinforced concrete pipes as well as shoulder widening, grading and guardrail installation.


Project Location and Limits:
Troy Road about 300 feet north of Radnor Road. Project limits are about 200 feet on both sides of the bridge.


Road Closure Information

Road closed to traffic with detour posted.


Project Schedule

Design engineering: December 2004 to September 2005

Right-of-way acquisition: September to November 2005

Utility relocation: December 2005 to February 2006

Construction: December 2005 to March 2006


Engineering Information

Construction documents prepared by the Delaware County Engineer’s Design Department.


Construction Information

Project built by the Delaware County Engineer’s Highway Department.


Estimated Project Cost